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Building a Foundation for Healthy Masculinity

express ourselves fully,

lead powerfully and live while truly thriving. 

  • Strength in vulnerability

  • Success beyond achievement

  • Power in community

  • Fueling adventure and empowered to take risks

  • Living for something bigger 

  • Bravely asking for help

  • Confident in who we are- no longer needing a mask

  • Self aware, able to name emotions

Partner With US

 impact  the next generation 

Imagine a world where our boys are supported to become the best versions of themselves. Help us create the Unlock Masculinity Academy. 


Your money will go toward helping to create the foundation for healthy masculinity for as many men and boys as possible.  

learn more here:


Come to an event, book club, or retreat and benefit from the community of guys who are trying to build each other up and keep each other accountable to be the best they can be. 


There are always things happening with UNLOCK and we need your help! Do you want to mentor, plan or be at an event? We need your help. 



“When I first moved to Colorado I wanted to find a group of guys I could surround myself with and inspire me to become a better man. At the first Unlock Men's event I not only found that but met a guy who became my boss, mentor and best friend."

DANIEL SWEENEY / All Seasons Exterior Salesman / Speaker