Healthy Masculinity is having confidence in who we are created to be, being able to communicate effectively, living in community, taking care of our health, experiencing a sense of adventure, and contributing to make the world a better place. We believe in being the best a man can be. 

Don't wait for your world to crumble;

build your healthy foundation now.




It is easy to wear a mask and pretend to be some we're not as we project a more likable, version of ourselves. What if we were able to be authentic and confident in who we were created to be? We would be able to speak up and speak out when needed, be comfortable in our own skin and practice true strength in being vulnerable.


Unresolved anger and bitterness can build under the surface and then explode if we are unable to express our feelings. What if we had tools and practices to become more self aware and could then identify and express ourselves in more appropriate ways? We will practice validating, defining, and expressing our feelings.


Classically, we're told a real men "go it alone" and don't need anyone. But we know that community can be a source of great strength. There is freedom that comes knowing it's not all on you. We will find power in the camaraderie of accomplishing goals together. Instead of isolation, we choose accountability. We pull each other up. 


What fuels you and energizes your life? How do you maintain energy, drive, mental capacity and longevity? When we take care of our physical health, it spills over into all areas of our life. We then are capable to make the impact we desire because we have a firm foundation to build on. 


A man without an outlet to explore or take risks slowly withers inside. What lifts your soul? What fulfills and inspires you? How do we create space and time to take care of this aspect of our lives?


Every man has an inherent calling on their life to leave this world better than when he arrived here. How will you leave a legacy and live for something bigger than yourself? How will you contribute to making the world a better place for future generations?


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